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Fiscal Representative in Sweden

Fiscal Representative in Sweden

Both EU and non-EU companies doing business in Sweden are required to register for VAT in this country. The main difference between them is that for the latter enterprises it is also necessary to appoint a fiscal representative.

Below, we present the main requirements associated with having a fiscal representative in Sweden and who can offer such a service. If you are considering setting up a business here, you can first rely on our Swedish lawyers for guidance with the registration.

Legal obligation to appoint a fiscal agent in Sweden

Designating a tax representative in Sweden is required by law. This is applicable to any non-EU-based business that conducts transactions that are subject to Swedish taxation, including:

  • importing goods from non-EU states to Sweden;
  • exporting products from Sweden to countries outside the EU;
  • supplying goods from EU member states for use in Sweden;
  • B2B trade of goods from Sweden to EU member states;
  • B2C trade of goods and services, including through marketplaces, with Swedish citizens.

The Swedish Tax Administration penalizes businesses that do not designate a tax agent.

If you are not sure if you need to appoint a fiscal representative, feel free to address our law firm in Sweden for advice.

Who can offer fiscal representation services in Sweden?

Both a Swedish accountant and accounting firm can act as a fiscal representative for non-EU enterprises. The designated agent will act as a representative before the regional VAT authorities.

The main aspect to consider is that the Swedish fiscal representative bears the responsibility of completing all VAT-related duties.

You can also rely on our local accountant for tax representation services in Sweden.

Can EU companies use a fiscal representative?

It is not necessary for businesses located in EU states to designate a VAT representative. However, they may designate such an agent to handle the tax requirements on their behalf in order to ease their interactions with the local tax authorities.

Feel free to address our lawyers in Sweden for guidance and tailored solutions, no matter if you own an EU or non-EU company.

Duties of a Swedish fiscal agent

These are the main responsibilities of a fiscal representative in Sweden:

  • registering the company for VAT, but also enrolling it for taxation (when required);
  • confirming that, for EU VAT purposes, the company is properly registered with the appropriate tax authority;
  • making sure currency rates, VAT rates, return filing dates, and invoices are respected;
  • drafting and filing up VAT returns and any further paperwork that may be required;
  • preserving documents in accordance with the directives and specifications provided by the Swedish tax authorities;
  • handling any fines, penalties, or other charges related to the import of products.

The obligations of a tax representative are essentially the same, even if the company is an EU or a non-EU one.

Do not hesitate to request the support of our Swedish lawyers if you have unclarities related to fiscal representation.

VAT compliance requirements in Sweden

Here are the main aspects to consider when it comes to filing VAT statements in Sweden:

  • if a company’s yearly turnover is subject to VAT and exceeds SEK 40 million, it must file periodic VAT reports on a monthly basis;
  • if a company’s annual income subject to VAT is less than SEK 40 million, it must file VAT returns on a quarterly basis;
  • the VAT return must be electronically submitted between the 1st and the 12th of the month following the return period;
  • large enterprises with a turnover over SEK 40 million must file VAT reports on the 26th of the month after the return period.

Feel free to contact us if you need fiscal representation services in Sweden.