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Legal Services in Sweden

Legal Services in Sweden

We offer numerous legal services in Sweden to foreigners and nationals who need assistance in dealing with various situations. With the help of our Swedish law firm, aspects like immigration, business establishment, tax legislation, and other similar topics will be treated with attention by our dedicated specialists.

You will find most of our legal solutions presented below.

Legal services offered by our lawyers in Sweden

Here is a list of the legal solutions our law firm is at your service with:

  • assistance in company registration in Sweden;
  • support in immigrating to Sweden;
  • assistance in opening various types of bank accounts;
  • guidance in renting or buying real estate in Sweden;
  • debt collection support.

We can also provide you with other services that will be developed around your needs, so rest assured that if any of them is not listed above, you can enquire about it with our Swedish lawyers.

Business registration services in Sweden

Launching a company in Sweden has many advantages, as the country is open to foreign investors interested in exploring the business opportunities provided by the local market. For this purpose, our lawyers can help you with:

  • support in drafting the necessary documents for company registration;
  • assistance in filing them with the local office of the Trade Register in the city where you will set up your operations;
  • assistance in registering for taxation, VAT, and employment.

For the last step, you may also want to consider hiring an accountant in Sweden. If you need recommendations, we can help you.

If you worry about the language barrier, you don’t have to, as our lawyers speak English, so there will be no problem in getting along.

Our immigration lawyers in Sweden are at your service

Relocating to Sweden is quite simple, as the formalities to complete are easy to follow. However, you may want to rely on our legal services for guidance in:

  • ensuring you meet the residency requirements;
  • you have all the paperwork in order;
  • you have a place to live once you arrive here;
  • registering with the local authorities after arrival.

An important aspect we would want to bring to your attention is that the procedure is slightly different for EU and non-EU citizens.

Support in opening a Swedish bank account

It is possible that you might have heard about the fact that cash is seldom used in Sweden nowadays, which is why having a debit or credit card is one of the most important aspects to consider when moving here. This is also why we want to emphasize our bank account opening solutions for foreigners.

We are at your disposal with legal services related to setting up current accounts that be used for making payments. We can also offer specialized support in opening corporate accounts for companies. Most importantly, this solution is available for those who cannot be present in the country right from the beginning. With power of attorney, one of our Swedish lawyers can handle the process until your arrival.

Contact us for personalized legal services in Sweden

Our Swedish law firm is at the service of those who live or are away from the country at a certain point. If listed above you found our solutions dedicated to foreign citizens, here is what we can do for you here:

  • we can help you renew your residence permit;
  • we can help you reunite with your family who lives abroad;
  • we can offer assistance in civil cases, such as marriage registration, divorce, or child custody;
  • we can handle debt collection cases, if you need support in such matters;
  • we can represent you in various litigation situations.

Contact us and find out why you would make the best choice to work with us!