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Trademark Registration in Sweden

Trademark Registration in Sweden

As a first to file nation, Sweden requires trademark registration before granting rights to a trademark. An unregistered trademark can only be protected in some rare circumstances.

To protect your goods and services, it is recommended to register your trademark. If you need help with trademark registration in Sweden, get in touch with our attorneys in Sweden who can help you with this matter.

The trademark registration procedure in Sweden 

An individual can register a trademark either locally through the Swedish Patent and Registration Office or regionally by submitting a European Union Trademarks (EUTM) application, which offers protection throughout the entire European Union. Sweden is a signatory to the Madrid Protocol as well. As a result, this nation can extend international trademark registration under the Madrid System.

Get in touch with our law firm in Sweden for more details on our trademark filing services using the Madrid System.

A trademark does not have to be in use in Sweden to be registered there. However, earlier usage could be helpful since it might show that the trademark has acquired distinction, which can help counter an argument that it lacks distinctiveness. The extent of such use is necessary to show acquired distinctiveness.

If you register a combination trademark in Sweden (one that has both word and figurative features), your exclusive right to use the mark is restricted to using it exactly as it was submitted and registered. It is advised that you file for a different trademark that only includes the word or figurative features you intend to use and protect if you wish to use these elements separately.

You can get detailed information about trademark registration in Sweden from our lawyers. They can also describe to you the procedure regarding opposing a trademark after its registration. If you are planning to incorporate a company in Sweden, our lawyers can help you. They can also assist with accounting and auditing services. While auditing is intended to give an impartial review of that financial activity to ensure that a business is recording transactions in accordance with the applicable rules and standards, accounting entails the tracking and reporting of all financial activity for a business. This is why, it is recommended to use the services of our accountants in Sweden for such specific tasks.

Trademark registration filing in Sweden

For trademark registration in Sweden, your applications must be submitted in Swedish. To get the filing date, a trademark application in Sweden must include:

  • the use of the trademark in representation;
  • the applicant’s information;
  • a list of the products and services for which trademark registration is required.

Within one month of submitting a trademark application in Sweden, the original or a certified copy of the priority document must be submitted to confirm the claim of priority. A Swedish translation that has been notarized is necessary. Within a month of submitting the Swedish trademark application, the power of attorney may be given. The Power of Attorney does not need to be legalized.

If you have more questions about the filing requirements for a trademark in Sweden, you can get in touch with our Swedish lawyers. They can describe to you in detail the requirements regarding the whole procedure.

Furthermore, if you are having trouble complying with the tax regulations i.e. VAT, our local lawyers in Sweden can assist you. Their legal assistance can keep you away from potential troubles in a foreign state.

Representative requirement for trademark registration in Sweden

It is advised to designate an agent, a licensed Swedish trademark attorney, for international applicants who do not reside in Sweden or have a place of business here. Applications for trademark registration in Sweden are assessed for formal and substantive compliance. If a trademark is not utilized within five years of its registration, it may be cancelled.

Besides trademark registration, if you are looking for the services of an accountant in Sweden our accounting team can offer you help.

Swedish trademark renewal and validity

Please find below the Swedish trademark renewal and validity period:

  • a Swedish trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of its registration;
  • it is renewable permanently for additional 10 years;
  • 1 year before the expiration date, a trademark renewal request may be made;
  • on payment of a late renewal fee, it may also be requested within the grace period of 6 months following expiration.

Contact our law firm in Sweden for more details about the process of registering trademarks in Sweden. They will not only provide you with comprehensive answers but also practically assist you with the process of trademark registration in Sweden.

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